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Mechanical Support

We advise riders to have their bike tuned up and ready to ride prior to event day. However, if you find you need mechanical support on event day, mechanics will be available at various points on course to assist you. Please note that parts will need to be paid for so bring cash or a credit card with you.

To signal that you need mechanical assistance, turn your bike upside down so it rests on the saddle and handlebars. This will clearly indicate you are waiting for assistance.


Medical personnel will be stationed at the Start and Finish areas, on motorcycles roaming along the course and at all Rest Stops. Furthermore, our Medical Response Plan is extensive as your safety and care is our top priority. In the event of an incident requiring our medical team to remove a rider from the course, our priority will be to the injured rider. Our medical team is unable to transport bicycles as they will be focused on timely care to the patient.

In the case of an emergency requiring immediate medical attention dial 9-1-1

Timing Services

Professional timing services will be provided to ascertain your official event time. The timing mechanism will be affixed to the back of the bike plate so make sure not to damage yours. Results will be posted live on the website as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT: When attaching the bike plate to your bike, it’s VERY important to NOT bend the timing chips. Keep the bike plate as flat as possible and do not bend or fold the bike plate, otherwise you may break the timing chip and you will not receive an official time.

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